EVENTS:  Local fabric

Whereas the region is home to many architectural, natural and artistic masterpieces, there are also a whole host of lesser-known destinations which are just as breath-taking and easy to reach. The area is rich in traditional crafts and small independent producers who represent the tradition, knowledge and culture of the region. These craftsmen elevate the manufacture of their goods to an art. There are the historic shirt makers of Naples, the embroiderers of Sorrento, ceramics of Vetri, the linen of Positano and corals of Torre del Greco. These artisans who have learned to live in harmony with the beauty of the territory, are just some of the treasures to be discovered in the region. The enthusiasm with which the villa owner describes these artisans is contagious. This excellence, she says, must be protected, rediscovered and promoted. How can you argue with that?

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