EVENTS:  At the Villa

The Villa Poseidon never fails to lend an unforgettable quality to each event it hosts. A magical aura surrounds the brides and grooms who come here to tie the knot. Whether they come here to celebrate with a reception worthy of the Arabian nights, or to take their vows (secular or religious), they find themselves immersed in fairy-tale surroundings they will never forget. The impeccable organisation will also take care of working lunches and dinners, receptions, banquets, and other events. With invisible efficiency and sobriety, the staff guarantee the perfect outcome for any event.

For information and bookings:
VILLA POSEIDON, TEL : +39 089 92 52 613

Via Alfonso Gatto, 3 - 84125 Salerno - TEL : +39 089 92 52 613 - FAX +39 089 9252612 - PIVA / VAT 04896231216
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